People in aged care facilities

People in aged care facilities

The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

People in aged care facilities could  complete the survey independently through the postal service, by requesting the assistance of someone they trust, or through a paperless response.

Like all eligible Australians, survey materials were posted to aged care facility residents’ addresses on the Electoral Roll or to an alternative address advised to the ABS.

Online or telephone response

If you were in an aged care facility, you could respond to the survey online or by phone.

If you were sent or requested a Secure Access Code, you would have received a unique 16-digit Secure Access Code to your nominated email address or mobile.

This code enabled you to complete the survey online, call the automated telephone service or contact the ABS Customer Assistance Team to provide an anonymous survey response by 6pm (local time) on 7 November 2017.

All paperless responses had to be received by 6pm (local time) 7 November 2017.

Nominate a trusted person to respond on your behalf

If you could not complete your survey form, you could authorise a trusted person to assist you with your survey, or to complete the survey form on your behalf.

Any survey forms received after 6pm (local time) 7 November 2017 will not be counted.

How to find your nearest Post Office or Red Post Box

To help you locate your nearest Post Office or Red Post Box, you could enter your suburb, city or postcode into Australia Post's Locator.

People employed in aged care facilities

People employed in aged care facilities may have been asked by residents to provide assistance with the survey as a trusted person. If the person providing care was willing to assist, they should have followed the standard process for being a trusted person.

As the survey was voluntary, the resident should make their own decision on whether they wanted to participate in the survey. 

If they do not wish to participate in the survey they could simply destroy the form. Penalties may apply for providing false or misleading information to the ABS and the form cannot be given to another person for completion instead of being destroyed.