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Have you received your survey?

You can arrange for a replacement Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey form to be sent to you, if required. This may occur if your form has been lost, damaged, did not arrive or was sent to an old address.

Requests for a new survey form close on 20 October 2017 (6pm local time).

How to request a new survey form


The quickest and easiest way to request a replacement form is via our website, using our online enquiry form. You will be asked to supply personal information such as a driver’s license or Australian passport. If you do not have either of these documents, please use the telephone option below.

What happens next?

  • You will be emailed within 48 hours once your identity has been verified.
  • You will be sent a new survey form in 7–10 working days.
  • Any previous forms will be invalidated.

Pick-up Locations

You can pick-up and drop-off a survey form in all capital cities and at a number of regional and remote locations. Find your nearest location and opening hours on our website.


Replacement survey forms can also be requested from the Information Line, between 8am and 8pm (local time), seven days a week.

What happens next?

  • We will ask you a couple of questions to verify your identity.
  • Once your identity has been verified, you will be sent a new survey form in 7–10 working days.
  • Any previous forms will be invalidated.

Who can request a replacement form?

You will need to request the form yourself, or have a legally authorised person (i.e. a person with power of attorney, authorised carer for a person with a severe disability, etc.) do it on your behalf.

Who can participate?

You can participate in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey if you were enrolled on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, or made a legitimate application for enrolment, by 24 August 2017 and be eligible to vote in a federal election as at 24 August 2017.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. If you choose not to complete the form, please destroy it.

Each eligible Australian is responsible for completing their own survey form. Please use the instructions you’ll receive in the survey materials to complete your form.

The ABS encourages you to seek help from someone you trust if you need help to complete your survey form.