Australians overseas

How you can participate in the survey if you are overseas

Australians overseas have multiple options to participate in the survey.

Are you temporarily overseas during the survey period?

If you are temporarily overseas, you may be able to complete your survey form before you leave or after you return.

Survey forms will be delivered to your nominated Australian address by 25 September 2017, including for people that have notified the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) that they will be temporarily overseas.

Completed forms need to be received at the ABS by 6pm (local time) on the 7 November 2017.

If you have an overseas address

If you have nominated an overseas postal address on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, you will be sent a letter including a unique 16-digit Secure Access Code. You can use this code to submit your response online or by phone.

Paper survey forms will not be mailed overseas for this survey.

Nominate a trusted person to respond on your behalf

If you are overseas for the entire period, you can ask a trusted person to receive your form on your behalf, open it, complete it based on your instruction and return it to the ABS.

Online or telephone response

You will need a Secure Access Code to submit a paperless response. To request a Secure Access Code, complete the online request form or call the Information Line. An email with a unique 16-digit Secure Access Code will be sent to your nominated email address. You can complete the survey online or call the automated telephone service.

Australians on deployment in the Antarctic or with the Defence Force will receive advice via their employers on how to participate in the survey.

Fact Sheet

Australians Overseas Fact Sheet