People experiencing homelessness

Completing your survey form

If you’re experiencing homelessness, you can participate in the survey by:

  • Collecting a survey form from one of our pick-up locations.
  • Requesting a survey form be posted to the address of a trusted person to hold the form for you to collect.
  • Contacting the ABS through the Information Line or via the ABS website to request a Secure Access Code to complete the survey online, using the automated telephone service or via a ABS Customer Assistance Team.

Forms are available for pick up for an extended period from 25 September to 20 October 2017 to give the greatest amount of time possible to access forms.

Picking up forms

In addition to delivering survey materials by post, the ABS will have locations in every capital city, and some regional and remote locations, where eligible persons who cannot receive their materials by post can collect and/or return survey materials from or to an ABS officer.

Locations, dates and times for where forms can be picked up will be advertised on this website.

Requesting a survey form be posted to the address of a trusted person

Requests for new survey materials will be accepted from 25 September 2017 until 6pm (local time) on 20 October 2017. If you do not have a suitable postal address, you can request that the material be posted to you at the address of a trusted person who can hold the mail for your collection.

Nominate a trusted person to respond on your behalf

If you cannot complete your survey form, you can authorise a trusted person to assist you with your survey, or to complete the survey on your behalf.

Fact Sheet

Information for people accessing homelessness services