Rural & Remote Australians

Australians living in rural and remote areas

Material can be posted to any address within Australia, including remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, PO boxes, and nominated identified mailing addresses (shelters, hotels, workers camps, etc.).

Areas with less frequent mail service will be posted first, using priority postage.

How will you receive your survey materials?

If you are living in a remote area:

  • Forms will be mailed to you by priority post, with priority return Reply Paid mail envelopes.
  • Where household delivery is not possible, your mail will be held at the closest mail agent for you to collect.
  • You can pick-up or return your form in at a number of regional and remote locations during the survey period.
  • For locations with phone or internet connectivity, people can submit a paperless survey response – between 25 September and 20 October 2017.
  • A map showing the pick-up locations will be published on this website and shared with local communities.
  • Remote pick-up locations will be staffed with ABS Officers with experience in supporting the collection of information in remote communities.

For information on how to complete your survey, go to Your postal survey.

Department of Human Services Service Points

If you're in a remote location, you can contact the ABS at more than 600 Department of Human Services (DHS) agents, access points and remote service centres across Australia. In these locations, you can request new survey materials from the ABS and participate in the survey by:

  • Using telephones to call the survey Information Line, and/or
  • Using self-service computers with the internet to access the ABS website. 

Details of DHS service points are available at 

Nominate a trusted person to respond on your behalf

As with other ABS collections (e.g. Census), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in remote communities with limited English can seek the support of a trusted person to assist with the completion of their survey.