Silent electors

Please note: As survey forms for silent electors are being distributed by the AEC silent electors will likely receive their survey forms at a different time to their neighbours.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have taken care to protect the privacy of silent electors, and members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and  Australian Federal Police (AFP) who are registered with the AEC as deployed overseas.

If you are a silent elector or a registered ADF or AFP member, the AEC will use the information it holds to send you a survey form on the ABS’ behalf.

Like the forms of other eligible Australians, silent and registered ADF and AFP electors’ survey responses will contain a unique code and no personal identification.

The unique code will allow the ABS to validate that it is a legitimate response and associate the response with your electoral division only. At no time will the ABS be provided with the name, address, gender or age of any silent elector or registered member of the ADF or AFP. For this reason, silent electors and registered ADF and AFP members will be excluded from gender and age statistics produced regarding survey participation rates.

If you are a silent elector, or a member of the ADF or AFP who is registered with the AEC as deployed overseas, and you wish to update your details for the purpose of receiving a survey form, you should contact the AEC Hotline on 02 6271 4441. You may be required to provide information to confirm your identity to access or correct the information that the AEC holds about you.

Further information is also available on AEC's website: Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey – silent electors